Restorative Care

Dental implant is a great option to solve missing teeth problems. A titanium post is implanted into the jawbone to provide fixed foundation for durable tooth restorations. The replacement teeth have the same structure, function, and appearance as the natural teeth restoring your beautiful smile. They can even last a lifetime with proper care.

Having missing or broken teeth affects your speech, appearance and confidence. Eating your favorite foods become more difficult and your oral health is also affected. Crowns and bridges are the solution to your missing, broken and irregularly shaped teeth. Crowns are dental caps used to cover your imperfect teeth to correct shape, size and appearance. Dental bridges are usually porcelain materials used to fill in gaps left by missing teeth to restore your beautiful smile.

Dentures are removable prosthetic used to fill in gaps left by missing teeth. Partial dentures are durable and custom-designed that restore areas of missing teeth. Complete dentures replace a complete upper or lower arch in a non-invasive way.