Cosmetic Care

If you are looking to fix your tooth imperfections like stains, chips and gaps, porcelain dental veneers is the ideal treatment option for you. You can have your confident smile back because this procedure gives you natural looking teeth that last long.

North Waterloo Dental wants you to have whiter teeth and a radiant smile. We offer professional and safe whitening treatments that is aimed to make your smile look healthier and more youthful.

Some people are satisfied with their ‘gummy smile’ while others feel conscious about it because their teeth look too short. North Waterloo Dental can help improve the symmetry of your teeth and gums through the gum contouring procedure.

Composite bonding is a procedure that repairs chipped, gapped, discolored, or misaligned teeth. It corrects your teeth imperfection using a durable composite resin which is applied to the affected area to. This is a cheaper option to fix minor cracks and irregularities to improve your smile.