Children’s Care

North Waterloo Dental provides orthodontics services for children to address malpositioned teeth and the jaws. It is always better to address and correct dental issues right away for a healthy mouth and a beautiful smile.

Most children love eating sugary foods which make them good candidates for fluoride treatment. A fluoride rinse can help strengthen and protect teeth and prevent cavities. Sealants can also fight cavities and tooth decay by preventing bacteria from damaging the teeth.

Cavities destroy your teeth so it is very important to address them while still young. Regular checkups and cleanings can help you preserve your teeth for a healthy mouth and a beautiful smile. It is also highly recommended to practice good daily dental hygiene to maintain oral health.

Mouthguards help prevent oral injuries which are common among athletic individuals. Wearing mouthguards will not only protect your teeth but also your mouth, face and jaw. North Waterloo Dental cares about your safety and provides solutions that suit your needs and lifestyle.

Children often get teeth extractions leaving spaces in between their teeth. The spaces give room for the new teeth to develop and come out in the right position. Wearing a space maintainer ensures that the space is left open until the permanent tooth comes into place. This mouth appliance lowers the risk of malpositioned teeth and jaw.